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Vasambu Powder/Acrous Calamus/Sweet Flag powder, 100g


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There are different ways one can take vasambu internally. Some ways are: 1. Crush Vasambu and boil it in water. Boil till the water is reduced to half quantity. Filter and drink the boiled water. 2. Dip Vasambu in water. Swipe it on a stone and use. For babies and infants, this is one of the best way to give. 3. Show Vasambu directly on flame till it is burnt and become black. Use a tong or pot holder to heat on direct flame. You can show on gas top or vilakku. Lit the vilakku using gingelly oil(nallennai in Tamil) or Castor Oil(Vilakku ennai). You can swipe it on a stone and use it. Or you can grind the burnt vasambu and store the powder in an air tight container. Some people coat the vasambu with castor oil(Vilakku ennai in Tamil) before showing it on fire. You can mix vasambu with honey to consume it. Usages: Vasambu for acid reflux, indigestion and stomach problems. Vasambu for babies and Infants. Vasambu helps to protect our houses from various insects, bed bugs, cockroaches, mites. Vasambu for face,skin, dandruff lice and hair growth.

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