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Thandrikkai Powder 100g


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One important point to be stressed is that ancient people preferred anti microbial agents in Belleric rather than its laxative properties for constipation relief. Susrutha an ancient surgeon also clearly utilized its anti-microbial activity along with other drugs and utilized Belleric as a catalyst in preparing for his surgeries. As time progressed Belleric evolved into reducing cough, bronchodilatation action and hair growth. When 19th century came about another wonderful benefit emerged in classical Ayurvedic practice, is that Belleric, when combined with certain herbs (Triphala) acted as an excellent laxative, helping with constipation relief. Belleric health benefits include are respiratory, blood and constipation related disorders. Also people that are anemic, Belleric myrobalan helps in better absorption of iron supplements. It is also very good in preventing hair loss. A lot of research of its usefulness is done using animal models. It is high time that scientists start human trial on products like Belleric Myrobalan, to confirm its role (as it is a part of the Triphala group of herbs) in all health matters. I hope the above mentioned Belleric health benefits are useful to all people.

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