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Natural Palm Jaggery / Karupatti l Panavellam 200g


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Original Udankudi Palm Jaggery and Palm Sugar. Palm Jaggery and Palm Sugar is a natural sugar which is very good for health and it purifies blood. Udankudi is one of the famous place in producing the best Palm Sugar and Jaggery without any additional unhealthy ingredients. Our major intention is to give healthy life to people and hence we do a lot of hard work to find the right products which helps to increase the health benefits of the human beings. Explanation for Questions raised by customers! On request of our customers this explanation given for palm sugar / jaggery product preparation. Udankudi Palm jaggery and Palm Sugar are made naturally, the black particles what you find in the product is ‘Castor Seeds’ which needs to be added while preparing the Palm Sugar / jaggery to control the heavy raise of palm wine in the big bowl due to high flame. Infact this castor seeds is good for health and every natural palm jaggery products should have this which has health benefits for human being. Secondly, (regarding the particles like sand): To extract ‘Padhani’ (Palm wine) from the Palm tree, we need to apply some ‘Lime’ (Chunnambu) in the sand pot tied up in the tree for the whole night and the lime will automatically mixed with the wine and while preparing the palm Jaggery / Sugar this cannot be filter due to liquid format. This lime is a natural calcium for human beings. Both these ingredients are scientifically good for health. While preparing any drinks are dishes with the palm jaggery you need to filter it to remove these particles. So, there is no sand or mud added in the jaggery and it is not possible (as some of our customers misunderstood this). Please note this is the only traditional way of producing real palm sugar / jaggery products. People who doesn’t follow this process will never get pure format of palm sugar / jaggery.

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