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Saara Groups

The name Saara is derived from Santhiya Arasan,an Indian consumer-goods company, founded in 2018 by S.G. Tamilarasan.It manufactures herbal and beauty products. It is one of the largest fast moving herbal products in India, with the company headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.Saara Products is owned by Saara Groups family.

Customer Service Number: 7305377644

Subsidiaries: Saara Products, Twins Products

Website: saaraproducts.com,Saaragroups.com

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Nature is a gift given by God. Our ancestors had selectively chosen the traditional herbs and made this herbal face pack, which had been used by our family members from generation to generations.

The effect of this naturally made herbal face pack is wonderful; it is an elixir to various skin problems as well. Today consumers are looking for organic and naturally made products that have no side effects. Aiming to give the consumers the best product they need, we had decided to commercialize our herbal face pack so that this benefit should be gained by everyone.

Saara 5-MINUTES Face Pack with avarampoo (Tanner’s – Cassia), roja poo (rose flower)+ Kasturi turmeric is a unique blend that gives you a clear, glowing, smooth, and soft skin with regular application. Avarampoo cleanses the skin andremoves black marks and dark circlesunder the eyes.

It also removes tan, arrests sweat smell, and controls the excess oil on your face. You would feel fresh all day.


The main objective of the Saara Products is to satisfy the needs of the consumer with purest quality at an affordable cost. Saara Products aims at customers’ feedback and ever ready to solve any issues without any negligence.